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George Fraser


George Fraser is Co-founder and CEO of Fivetran, a fully-managed data pipeline built for analysts. Fivetran is a Y Combinator-backed with over 300 customers relying on it to centralize their data. When Fivetran began in 2012, they realized that ETL tools were ill-equipped for modern companies who rely on cloud applications and databases. To meet the needs of analysts in this new era, Fivetran built the only zero-maintenance data pipeline on the market and is now part of a growing ecosystem of cloud infrastructure that gives organizations control of their data without heavy engineering.

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Benchmarks are all about making choices: what kind of data will I use? How much? What queries will users run? How you make these choices matter a lot: change your assumptions and the fastest warehouse can become the slowest. 

In this session, we will compare the three major cloud warehousing solutions, Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake and explain the method we used to measure the speed and cost for each. By understanding the results and methods used to get them, you will leave this session with a better idea of which warehouse is right for your organization and how you might think about conducting a similar experiment with other warehouses. 

Fivetran, the company who conducted the independent benchmark, is a data pipeline provider that supports customers using all three warehouses and thus maintains an unbiased opinion. The benchmark is structured to represent real-world usage of 400+ Fivetran customers.

In this session, we will also compare our benchmark to other similar studies and explain the divergence in outcomes. 

2018 April 19 10:50 EDT
50 min
Liberty I
PostgresConf US 2018