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Shaun Litt

Conversant Media

Shaun Litt is the principal data platform architect responsible for big data solutions and systems at Conversant where he built the company's first user accessible data warehouse using Greenplum Database. Currently Conversant leverages Greenplum Database and Hadoop together to manage its multi-petabyte data platform, with Shaun and his team working tirelessly to power the business with more data and more automated analytics and reporting. Prior to joining Conversant Shaun was the enterprise architect at Sears Holdings for Data Integration. In total Shaun has spent the past 15 years building big data solutions for some of the nation’s largest companies specializing in ETL, MPP database and Hadoop technologies.

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Conversant is the industry's most powerful personalized digital media company. Conversant processes billions of requests each and every day on behalf of our advertisers. In this session, we will cover how we handle these volumes and some of our analytical solutions on Greenplum Database to support our business insights and customer analytics products.

In order for marketing to work effectively, the message needs to resonate with the consumer. To support that the Conversant platform is designed from the ground up as a personalized user-targeted marketing platform. To support that platform we have billions of rows of behavior data and process hundreds of billions of transactions daily in an effort to get the right message to the right user wherever they are.

As such Conversant has leveraged Greenplum Database and invested in custom tools and solutions to enable the business answer questions like:

  • How many people am I talking to

  • How many people can I be talking to

  • How much return am I getting on my ad spend

  • Who matches this criteria for delivery (and send that list to the delivery engine)

... And other adhoc analysis

We will look at our solutions to enable this and at how easy Greenplum's extensibility made adding this capability including:

  • Hyperloglog

  • GPHDFS & the Conversant ORC Reader

  • the Conversant Greenplum "Mover" (linked tables)

2018 April 19 09:50 EDT
20 min
Liberty II-III
PostgresConf US 2018
Greenplum Summit