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Hector Perez

European Space Agency
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The European Space Agency Solar Orbiter mission's objective is to perform close-up, high-resolution studies of our Sun and inner heliosphere, through a combination of in-situ and remote-sensing instruments. The products obtained will be stored within the Solar Orbiter Archive (SOAR). All the in-situ measurements have the form of time series products which will hold hundreds of millions values. Storing these values in a relational database could leverage the scientific exploitation of these measurements, allowing scientists to perform more accurate searches on the data, to restrict the retrieval to a specific time range, or to plot on-demand specific variables.

TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL extension, which has been conceived to handle time series data in an optimized way. After performing a preliminary scalability study between Postgres 10 non partitioned, Postgres 10 built-in partitioning, and TimescaleDB, the latter has been chosen due to its comparable performance and scalability, as well as for its easiness of use. This talk will provide an overview about the time series use case for the Solar Orbiter mission and an insight on the benchmarks.

2018 April 18 16:30
50 min
Liberty I
PostgresConf US 2018
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