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Abbas Butt


Abbas Butt ( is a Senior Software Architect at EnterpriseDB.
He has been working for EnterpriseDB since Jan 2011.
He has over 20 years of product development experience.

  • Currently working on
    • Migration Portal for online schema migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL
    • xDB and EPRS Replication Server
  • Previously worked on
    • XA Compliance for PostgreSQL
    • Porting a Telecom operator's Tuxedo based application from Oracle to PPAS
    • Postgres-XC
    • Packages for IBM DB2
      • UTL_ENCODE
      • UTL_TCP
      • UTL_SMTP
      • UTL_MAIL
    • Hospital Management System
    • Tele-medicine & Video Conferencing
    • Electronic Stethoscope
    • Accounts Management System
    • Payphone Management System
    • IVR based Telecom Billing System
    • Voice Communication System
    • Mobile Observer Unit Automation
    • 8051 micro controller based payphone

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###Deep dive into PostgreSQL Authentication Methods

In this training session we will cover the following topics

  1. Introduction to Access, Authorization, Authentication and Logging
  2. PostgreSQL configuration files and parameters related to Authentication
  3. PAM Authentication
    3.1 What is Linux-PAM
    3.2 pam pg auth
    A simple PAM module that uses another PostgreSQL server
    for authentication. This module will be used to show
    what a PAM module looks like and which functions
    it is supposed to implement.
    3.3 Building pam pg auth
    3.4 Coming up with configuration file for pam pg auth
    3.4 Deploying pam pg auth in CentOS 7
    3.5 Configuring PostgreSQL to use pam pg auth
    3.6 A look at the PAM modules related to PostgreSQL
  4. Kerberos authentication
    4.1 An overview of Needham–Schroeder symmetric key protocol.
    4.2 Kerberos protocol
    4.3 An introduction to GSSAPI
    4.4 Configuring a KDC server
    4.5 Configuring Kerberos Client
    4.6 PostgreSQL configuration to use Kerberos authentication
    4.7 Messages exchanged between client application, KDC & PostgreSQL
  5. LDAP Authentication
    5.1 What is LDAP
    5.2 Setting up an 389 Directory Server
    5.3 Configuring PostgreSQL to use LDAP Server for authentication
    5.4 Messages exchanged between client application, PostgreSQL & LDAP Server
    5.5 Using PAM module pam ldap for LDAP authentication
  6. RADIUS Authentication
    6.1 An overview of the RADIUS Protocol
    6.2 Setting up and configuring the FreeRADIUS
    6.3 Configuring PostgreSQL to use RADIUS authentication
    6.4 Messages exchanged between client application, PostgreSQL & FreeRADIUS
  7. Trust Authentication
    7.1 How to setup
    7.2 Messages exchanged between the client application & PostgreSQL
  8. Password Authentication
    8.1 How to setup
    8.2 Messages exchanged between the client application & PostgreSQL
  9. md5 Authentication
    9.1 How to setup
    9.2 Messages exchanged between the client application & PostgreSQL
  10. scram Authentication
    10.1 An overview of SCRAM authentication
    10.2 How to setup
    10.3 Messages exchanged between the client application & PostgreSQL
  11. Certificate Authentication
    11.1 Configuring PostgreSQL server and client to connect over SSL using certificates
    11.2 Messages exchanged between the client application & PostgreSQL
  12. Ident & Peer Authentication

Note : We will use PostgreSQL 10 & CentOS 7

3 h
PostgresConf US 2018
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