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Brett Hesterberg is the Product Manager for Cloud SQL, Google's fully-managed database service. His professional experience is primarily in data storage with past roles at Hitachi Data Systems and Sun Microsystems. After years of selling hardware, Brett enjoys helping users spend more time on application development and less time managing their IT environment.

Alexis is a software engineer on the Cloud SQL team as part of Google's public cloud, Google Cloud Platform. He has worked with PostgreSQL and a variety of distributed database technologies over the past decade.

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Keeping data safe is the top responsibility of anyone running a database. Learn how the Google Cloud SQL team protects against data loss. Cloud SQL is Google’s fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up and maintain PostgreSQL databases in the cloud. In this session, we’ll dive into Cloud SQL’s storage architecture to learn how we check data down to the disk level. We will also discuss Postgres checksums and tools Cloud SQL uses to verify that checksums for data file pages are accurate without affecting performance of the database.

50 min
PostgresConf US 2018
Operations and Administration