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Bharath Sitaraman

Pivotal Software

Bharath Sitaraman is one of the Principal Product Managers at Pivotal, focusing on Analytics and Machine Learning, specifically around Natural Language Processing on Distributed Systems. Prior to that, he was a developer for a number of products on the GPDB platform, including MADLib and GPText. A long time proponent of Machine Learning and AI in various applications, Mr. Sitaraman has been helping customers in architecting Big Data solutions to help unlock the full potential of their data. Prior to Pivotal, Bharath worked for a mobile applications startup building out the DB backend and implementing various learning models. He has a background in CS from Stanford University.


Frank McQuillan


Frank McQuillan is Director of Product Management at Pivotal, focusing on analytics and machine learning for large data sets. Prior to Pivotal, Frank has worked on projects in the areas of robotics, drones, flight simulation, and advertising technology. He holds a Masters degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo, both in Mechanical Engineering.

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Advanced analytics and machine learning are rapidly growing in importance in enterprise computing. Key enterprise data typically resides in relational and document form, and it is inefficient to copy data between systems to perform different types of analytical operations.

In addition to leveraging the rich set of Postgres capabilities like window functions, Greenplum offers machine learning, graph analytics, statistics, data transformation, text analytics, geospatial, multiple data science libraries, and connectivity to productivity tools like Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin. These innovations are all PostgreSQL-compatible but designed for massively parallel use cases.

In this session, we will give a tour of these technologies on Greenplum, review scalability results, and describe common usage patterns.

Keywords: Apache MADlib, GPText, PostGIS, Jupyter, Apache Zeppelin

2018 April 19 12:50 EDT
50 min
Liberty II-III
PostgresConf US 2018
Greenplum Summit