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Arjun Narayan

Cockroach Labs

As a software engineer at Cockroach Labs, I am focused on SQL execution performance. I joined Cockroach Labs after completing my PhD on distributed systems and differential privacy.

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Industry standard benchmarks are a critical part of measuring any database’s progress, and the next generation of cloud-native databases are no exception. NoSQL (YCSB), OLTP (TPC-C) and OLAP (TPC-H) benchmarks can be useful in testing incremental layers, but they don’t provide a complete picture of the operational complexity of running a globally distributed database cluster.

In this talk we will discuss how we measure and stress database performance using open source benchmarking tools that we have developed that go beyond TPC-C. We would like to contribute towards standardizing these toolkits, so that application developers can fairly compare the operational complexities of deploying different databases.

Next generation databases are evolving to hybrid transactional and analytics workloads, for which there are no existing benchmarks. We discuss the practical considerations that we need to measure and address, and the operational guarantees we need to provide before database users will be comfortable with colocating all their data workloads in a single database platform.

2018 April 19 09:50 EDT
50 min
Liberty I
PostgresConf US 2018