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Ivan novick

Ivan Novick


Ivan has been working on big data, databases, and enterprise systems since 2002. He spent 5 years in the financial industry building trading systems; worked at Yahoo on the data warehouse system before Hadoop was created; hacked on a MySQL storage engine for a year and has spent the last 7 years in various capacities working on the Pivotal Greenplum product. Ivan’s passion is building next-generation data platforms. In his free time, he has also been a beginning yoga student for the last 10 years. Born and raised in NYC Ivan is now is enjoying the California lifestyle where has resided since 2006.

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Regulations are part of life in financial services organizations. Regulations serve the purpose of ensuring orderly operation of the local and global financial systems. The regulatory burden produces work and activity required by both the regulated and the regulators to comply and measure compliance. Having the right technical and data strategy can make organizations successful in the face of regulatory burdens. Data management is a critical component of the regulatory challenge and this talk will outline strategies used by Pivotal customers to optimize their business and their government missions.

2018 April 18 10:30 EDT
50 min
Liberty II-III
PostgresConf US 2018
Regulated Industry Summit