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Nikolay Samokhvalov

Nombox /

More than 17 years of experience with various DBMSes, more than 13 years with PostgreSQL. M.S., MIPT and ISP RAS, specialty "Database systems".

Founder of

Founder of #RuPostgres (PostgreSQL user group for Russian-speaking users, the second in size on, 2000+ members).

Committee Chair for Database/Architecture Sections of Highload++, RITFest, and PGDay Russia.

Russian press contact at PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Twitter: @postgresmen

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postgres_dba is a brand new open source DBA toolset, that helps application developers and system engineers to find database issues and resolve them faster and easier.

Considering PostgreSQL (including its managed cloud versions like Heroku Postgres or AWS RDS Postgres), we'll discuss:

  • why it is so important to have proper tools to analyze database health,
  • why DBA's work very often looks like magic,

and finally,

  • how to turn this magic to technology: what needs to be done to make DBA's tasks of maintaining and optimizing databases more efficient and automated.

The following topics will be covered specifically:

  • database configuration;
  • controlling sizes of tables and indexes;
  • controlling bloat level and autovacuum;
  • index set optimization;
  • major disadvantages of current approaches to group slowest queries;
  • using machine learning to find, analyze, and optimize slowest queries iteratively.

50 min
PostgresConf US 2018
Operations and Administration