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Jim Mlodgenski

Amazon Web Services

Jim has more than 20 years of experience developing data intensive applications and infrastructure. Prior to joining AWS, Jim was CTO at OpenSCG and CEO at StormDB, a Postgres-XC scalable public cloud solution. While at StormDB, Jim envisioned the offering and was responsible for all product development. Prior to StormDB, Jim was chief architect at EnterpriseDB, leading the firm’s technology direction, including its early cloud offerings and other product lines. Jim also very active in the PostgreSQL community, co-founding both the New York and Philadelphia PostgreSQL Meetup groups, co-organizing the largest PostgreSQL conferences, and serving on the Board of the PostgreSQL Foundation. Jim also speaks regularly at PostgreSQL and other open sources conferences.

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Whether it is for cost reasons or simply convenience, many people are migrating their mission-critical databases to PostgreSQL. Most of the time, people are moving from Oracle, but many are moving from Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL or even MongoDB. Depending on your application making the switch can be extremely simple or impossible. This tutorial will teach how to identify the differences and how to successfully migrate an application. We will walk through a sample migration using the AWS tool-chain which includes SCT and DMS as well as some open source tools.

The topics covered will be:

  • Analyzing your applications to determine the size and scope of a migration
  • Planning the project to cover all aspects including development and QA.
  • Creating the schema in PostgreSQL with an emphasis on choosing the correct data types
  • Moving the server side code which includes packages, stored procedures, triggers and views
  • Changing the application code with a focus on a Java application
  • Strategies of moving the data from small databases with multi-terabyte databases
  • Rolling to production and what to expect

3 h
PostgresConf US 2018
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