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Pratik Verma


Pratik Verma is the founder and chief product officer at BlueTalon. Pratik founded BlueTalon to accelerate big data deployments and remove security as a barrier to adoption. Previously, he led AgeTak, a healthcare startup build on technologies created by Rakesh Verma. He is an angel investor in several tech startups. Pratik’s scientific work has been published in peer-reviewed journals. He holds a PhD from Stanford.

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One of the largest Digital Industrial company uses Data Democratization policy framework to reduce cost and complexity of reporting on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses. This company uses a multi-platform Data Lake containing Greenplum and Hortonworks Hadoop data platforms; attribute based access control tool BlueTalon; ingestion and transformation tool Talend; and multiple commercial, off-the-shelf (e.g. Tableau, OBIEE) and home-grown applications to gather and report on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses.

The Data Democratization policy framework allows end users to access the subset of data based on the business they belong to or their finance functional area and is implemented using dynamic, attribute-based row filtering and column masking rules. Policies defined in BlueTalon are enforced identically across data platforms and enable dynamically created views of data that eliminated approximately 300 custom-coded views in databases, eliminated joins across large security tables with 10 million rows, and eliminated duplication of logic in multiple applications.

This session presents a practitioner’s view of what led to the creation of the Data Democratization framework and discuss key learnings based on experience implementing the framework.

50 min
PostgresConf US 2018
Regulated Industry Summit