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Jignesh Shah

Amazon Web Services

Jignesh Shah is Product Manager for Amazon RDS with Amazon Web Services. At AWS he works on PostgreSQL engines at AWS including Amazon RDS PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. He has worked with PostgreSQL since 2005 and has released application and database lifecycle products using PostgreSQL at appOrbit and VMware. He is an active member of the PostgreSQL community for a long time publishing a first standards accepted benchmark using PostgreSQL when he was at Sun Microsystems. His interests are in Cloud technologies involving Operating Systems, Containers and Databases.


Arun Kumar Thiagarajan

Amazon Web Services

I am a database engineer in the Database Migration Service team at Amazon Web Services. I work with AWS customers and the DMS development team to help customers migrate their databases into AWS and specifically into open source databases like PostgreSQL.

building and running reliable data platforms that scale and perform

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In this training session we will be combining an extended deep dive on Amazon Relational Database Service along with a hands on lab using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and AWS DM. As part of the deep dive we will cover the unique features of Amazon RDS for improved availability and durability. In addition, you will get hands on experience creating an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL for high availability and read scaling as well as point in time recovery for your instance. We will also walk through failover, promotion and the best practices around parameter settings based on application workload.

In afternoon, we will go over AWS Database Migration Service for making migrations to PostgreSQL easy from commercial databases. We will also cover minimum downtime during migration as well as when upgrading databases from older versions like PostgreSQL 9.4 to the latest version of PostgreSQL.

Requirements: Please bring your laptop to get hands-on experience with Amazon RDS. Preferably pre-create an account at‎

2018 April 17 09:00
7 h
Liberty III
PostgresConf US 2018
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