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Alexey Klyukin

Adjust GbmH

Alexey started with PostgreSQL at 2003 as a C programmer. He learned how to debug the backend code before learning SQL, but caught up on the latter pretty quickly. He is now using both of those skills and years of experience as a database consultant to help his employer manage a growing number of PostgreSQL database clusters and deal with terabytes of analytical data. Oleksii is based in Berlin and works as a PostgreSQL Engineer at Adjust GbmH. Over the years, he contributed code and documentation to the PostgreSQL project, as well as promoted Postgres by starting PostgreSQL User Group Berlin in 2015.

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Did you ever wonder why vacuum cannot be run in a transaction? Can you make foreign data storages magically support ACID transactions by wrapping your statements against foreign tables in Postgres with BEGIN ... COMMIT? If you ever asked those questions or want to learn what is possible with Postgres transactions, then this talk is for you! Postgres can durably store your data, but it is also much more than just a data store. The goal of this talk is to demonstrate the power of Postgres as a transactional system and to provide examples of how transactions can help database users to accomplish such tasks as speeding up queries, tracking schema changes, copying multiple tables in a consistent way and more. The talk also introduces some advanced features, such as subtransactions, two-phase commits, transaction support in foreign data wrappers and server-side procedures.

2019 March 22 13:00 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom West
Postgres Conference