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Nikolay Samokhvalov

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More than 17 years of experience with various DBMSes, more than 13 years with PostgreSQL. M.S., MIPT and ISP RAS, specialty "Database systems".

Founder of

Founder of #RuPostgres (PostgreSQL user group for Russian-speaking users, the second in size on, 2000+ members).

Committee Chair for Database/Architecture Sections of Highload++, RITFest, and PGDay Russia.

Russian press contact at PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Twitter: @postgresmen

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To maintain a Postgres database in a healthy state, it needs periodical comprehensive diagnostics. Being done manually, it might take 1-2 weeks or more, especially if you are seeing the database for the first time. With the brand new open source tool postgres-checkup, it takes just a few hours.

50+ various checks representing decades of DBA experience are combined into an easy-to-use package, which is completely unobtrusive (nothing should be installed on Postgres servers, and no heavy queries are being used) generating reports ready to be consumed both by humans (markdown, HTML, PDF) or machines (JSON).

We’ll talk about how postgres-checkup helps us to diagnose performance and scalability issues in various companies from small startups to billion-dollar enterprises, how to add new reports, how to prepare a health-checking schedule suitable for your infrastructure and organization, how to present results to non-database engineers and ensure that your findings will lead to improving the state of the database you care about.

2019 March 20 09:00 EDT
50 min
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration