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Abhijit Paithankar Inc

Abhijit Paithankar's professional career spans over 14 years of hard core systems software, storage, networking, & distributed systems. He has played an instrumental role in VMware's core virtualization & storage products, & later in Nutanix's container & virtualization product.

He is now cofounder & CTO of Crave.IO, a build acceleration platform.

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Crave.IO is a startup in stealth-mode. We have developed a containerized parallel build-accelerator for large-scale software projects, including Linux and Postgres, reducing hours-long builds from hours to minutes. The Crave SaaS platform currently uses Postgres to manage all user-data, orchestrate container configuration in the cloud, user performance metrics etc.

In this presentation, we will describe the typical SaaS architecture many startups may face, and how Postgres offers a simple yet sophisticated data-management platform that can grow and adapt to future needs as the venture goes through its growth spurts.

In addition to its flexible polyglot language model and flexible data types offered by Postgres, we are able to design a simple queuing system to orchestrate a complex workflow developer framework. We will also share some early investigations using the time-series data to create high-velocity analytics for software development projects.

We will then see how to build using Postgres itself using such a platform.

2019 March 20 15:00 EDT
20 min
Riverside Ballroom
Postgres Conference
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