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Anant Jhingran is an engineering and product expert in databases, ML and APIs. He has shipped deeply technical products that have been deployed in 1000's of enterprises. He helped take Apigee public, as well as its acquisition by Google. He has a PhD in database systems from UC Berkeley, and is accomplished in his professional career (IBM Fellow; CTO of IBM's Information Management Division; Distinguished Alumnus, IIT Delhi). His products have delivered billions of dollars of revenue at IBM and Apigee, and he has led large teams of researchers, engineers and product managers during his career.

He has received several awards including IBM Fellow, IIT Delhi Distinguished Alumnus Award, IBM Corporate Award for contributions to DB2, President's Gold Medal for highest GPA at IIT Delhi, IBM Academy of Technology. He is the author of over a dozen patents and over 20 technical papers, and is frequently giving keynotes in industry and academic conferences.

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Postgres has stood the test of time for around three decades, thanks to the investments in it by developers and by the users. The talk will focus on what are the primary drivers for the next five+ years in the database world, and how the community, by keeping its focus on what got it here, will help steer it in the right directions.

2019 March 20 11:40 EDT
20 min
New York Ballroom East
Postgres Conference
General Session