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Karthik received his BS and MS in CS from IIT-M and UT Austin. Karthik was one of the original database engineers at Facebook responsible for building distributed databases such as Cassandra and HBase. He is an Apache HBase committer, and also an early contributor to Cassandra, before it was open-sourced by Facebook. He is now a Co-Founder & the CTO at YugaByte, the company behind the open source YugaByte DB project that is bringing together NoSQL and SQL in a single globally distributed database.

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The General Data Protection Regulation, often referred to as GDPR, came into effect on 25 May 2018 across the European Union. This regulation has implications on many global businesses, given the fines imposed if the organization is be found to be non-compliant. Making sure that the app architecture continues to ensure regulatory compliance is an on-going challenge for many businesses that requires a fundamentally new deployment paradigm. This talk will cover some of the key requirements of GDPR that impact database architecture, what the inherent challenges are with requirements and how YugaByte DB can be used to implement these requirements.

2019 March 20 09:00 EDT
50 min
Postgres Conference
Regulated Industry