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Nicolas Gakrelidz is Partner Solution Architect North America at Dataiku. He helps partners to leverage Dataiku's DSS capabilities for delivering value, solutions and solving clients uses cases with AI. He contributes to coordinate efforts between Dataiku's (brilliant) R&D and (great) technological and Sys Integrators partners for delivering this cutting edge enterprise AI platform. Nicolas has 16 years' background experience in both Data Science and Business areas that help delivering the most effective recommendations to partners and users.

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This session will give Data Professionals (Analytics Leaders, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts) a roadmap for navigating the path to Enterprise AI and driving data science at scale using Postgres\Greenplum with Dataiku.

Digital transformation are the operative words in strategic plans in enterprises across all industries. Organizations must use data to continuously develop more innovative operations, processes and products. This means embracing the shift to Enterprise AI, using the power of machine learning to enhance – not replace – humans.

To do so effectively, organizations need to:

  1. Connect Technology and Subject Matter Experts: bring all the people, from business people to analysts to data scientists, together. This happens via horizontal (team-wide) and vertical (cross-team) collaboration.

  2. Embrace Self-Service: Enable self-service analytics by creating the tools for day-to-day analysis and agile use of data.

  3. Operationalize Machine Learning: Get models out of a sandbox environment and into production to deliver real results.

  4. Build For Tomorrow: Deliver short-term projects successfully while driving an enterprise transformation strategy.

Specifically, organizations need to be able to effectively leverage the data in Postgres and Greenplum to drive this enterprise transformation. This session will explain how to make it happen covering topics including:

  • How data scientists work - processes, tools, languages, data types and more

  • Making Data Teams more productive

  • Defining technical requirements for doing data science at scale

  • Postgres and Greenplum key capabilities

  • Demo: Enterprise AI in action with Dataiku, Postgres and Greenplum

  • How to take advantage of key Postgres and Greenplum features including Apache MADlib, PostGIS, GPText for text analytics, and more

2019 March 21 16:20 EDT
20 min
Postgres Conference