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Payal Singh

credativ US

Payal has extensive experience working on all aspects of open source databases, primarily Postgres and MySQL. She is a data science enthusiast, and generally loves all things having to do with data.

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Looking at the list of kernel and postgresql.conf parameters, tuning your PostgreSQL database may seem like a daunting task. While each parameter has a role to play, in most scenarios just a handful of these end up impacting performance the most. This talk aims to be a quick practical guide to tuning your PostgreSQL cluster to get the best possible performance with the least effort, with special emphasis on kernel tuning. Along the way we will look at the most commonly encountered gotchas when setting up a new PostgreSQL cluster or migrating an existing one. Also discussed are approaches for performance comparison and a brief look at automated tuning tools.

2019 March 21 14:00 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom East
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration