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Robert Gogolok

anynines GmbH

Robert Gogolok has been working with PostgreSQL in the Cloud Foundry and BOSH context for almost 4 years. At the moment he is part of the anynines data services team, where among other things, he ensure that the architecture of the PostgreSQL data service meets the customer requirements.

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Heitor Meira de Melo

anynines GmbH

Heitor is a BOSH and PostgreSQL enthusiast. Working currently as part of the anynines service development team as a platform engineer, creating and maintaining BOSH releases that provides services for platforms as a service, with focus on automating PostgreSQL BOSH releases.

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Managing hundreds of highly available PostgreSQL instances and their life cycle is not a dream. Using BOSH, the release engineering, deployment and life cycle management software for small and large-scale cloud software, can help with failure recovery and software updates with zero-to-minimal downtime, but even then there is a long way to go until full automation.

Attending this talk participants will profit from our four years of work expertise with BOSH and PostgreSQL as we share our knowledge about how to build a fully automated PostgreSQL life cycle experience for our customers.

2019 March 22 10:00
50 min
New York Ballroom East
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration