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Jack O'Connor

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Jack is a programmer, previously at Microsoft, Facebook, and most recently Keybase. At Keybase he worked on cryptography software, including Keybase Chat and the Saltpack encrypted message format. Currently he's working on a high-performance cryptographic tree hash called Bao, written in Rust.

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Bao is a cryptographic tree hash, based on BLAKE2 and implemented in Rust. Tree hashes are more flexible than conventional hash functions, and Bao can verify small pieces of a file independently rather than just the whole thing at once. Tree hashes also make it possible to hash different parts of a file in parallel, which makes them dramatically faster than conventional hashes on modern hardware.

What exactly is a cryptographic hash, and how do we design a tree hash so that it maintain those cryptographic guarantees? How do we use Rust to take advantage of multithreading and SIMD for performance? How fast is Bao, exactly? What happens if we run it on a giant AWS machine with fifty cores? What on earth does it mean to have 8864% CPU utilization? Come see cool demos!

2019 March 22 14:00
50 min
New York Ballroom West
Postgres Conference