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Mara Lemagie


Mara is fueled by helping people discover the value of well-organized and efficient queries. As the lead data engineer at Bazean, she helps scale data systems for energy investing. She has worked in a variety of data management roles for over 10 years, including helping start ups establish their inventory management systems and working with non-profit groups to measure and promote their successes.

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No matter what your current level of interacting with databases, everyone should have at the ready ways of explaining how databases work, whether it is to your grandmother or non-database oriented coworkers. This talk will be equally useful to new PG users who want to build good habits for writing their queries and seasoned veterans who are recruiting and training new data professionals. We will compare similarities and differences between Excel and a query optimizer and show how the same data and workflow patterns can be applied (although better in SQL!). This talk will also provide a basic framework for ways to rewrite queries to use tables that don't fit in memory.

2019 March 21 15:50 EDT
20 min
New York Ballroom West
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration