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Ibrar Ahmed

Percona LLC

Ibrar Ahmed is a Senior Software Engineer / PostgreSQL Consultant at Percona LLC. Prior to coming to open source development, he had vast experience in software design and development. The main focus was on the system level embedded development. After joining the EnterpriseDB, an Enterprise PostgreSQL’s company in 2006 he started his career in open source development specifically in PostgreSQL. Has contributed to the PostgreSQL community as well as other open source communities. The contribution is from the main performance feature enhancement to PostgreSQL’s modules. In the database field, he has experience in other well-known databases MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Hadoop. The experience does not limit to core database but with the tools related to databases like Hive, Hbase and Spark. He also worked on integrating these tools with PostgreSQL. He Joined Percona in the month of July 2018. He also authored multiple books on PostgreSQL and speaks in different conferences.

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PostgreSQL provides a way to communicate with external data sources. This could be another PostgreSQL instance or any other database. The other database might be a relational database such as MySQL or Oracle; or any NoSQL database such as MongoDB or Hadoop. To achieve this, PostgreSQL implements ISO Standard call SQL-MED in the form of Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW). This presentation will explain in detail how PostgreSQL FDWs work. It will include a detailed explanation of simple features and will introduce more advanced features that were added in recent versions of PostgreSQL. Examples of these would be to show how aggregate pushdown and join pushdown work in PostgreSQL. The talk will include working examples of these advanced features and demonstrating their use with different databases. These examples show how data from different database flavors can be used by PostgreSQL, including those from heterogeneous relational databases, and showing NoSQL column store joins.

2019 March 21 14:00
20 min
Postgres Conference
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