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Erik Brandsberg

Heimdall Data, Inc.

Erik Brandsberg is CTO at Heimdall Data. He specializes in application-networking technologies for web and backend data. Whether it's coding, testing or installing, he has been involved. His diverse experience at Alteon, Citrix, and Juniper Networks gave him a solid understanding of operational complexities in a modern infrastructure, which led to the founding of Heimdall Data.

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Zack Odom


Data Wrangler as part of Pivotal's Data Engineering team. Vast experience in pre/post sales across all verticals, predominantly with Greenplum Database for past 7 years (20 years in database tech industry). Assist customers and prospects utilize Greenplum effectively to achieve successful end-goals of true data enablement - whether for active data warehousing or complex, high performant analytics at scale or a combination of both.

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Learn the various techniques on how Heimdall's Database Proxy improved throughput and performance:

1) Batch DML operations: intelligently process singleton operations as micro-batches. 2) Intelligently route diverse workloads (i.e. OLTP, OLAP) to Postgres, utilizing Postgres's latest features, such as materialized views for analytic purposes. 3) Auto-caches into GemFire or other cache engines for improved response times without code changes. 4) Easy connection pooling. 5) Automatic write-master failover.

We will be showcasing these features with a demo and follow-up Q/A discussion.

2019 March 20 13:00 EDT
50 min
Riverside Suite
Postgres Conference