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Tom Kincaid


Tom in the General Manager for 2ndQuadrant in North America. He has been developing, deploying and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. Tom had total product delivery ownership for the Progress OpenEdge platform which included a relational database deployed in thousands of systems and Enterprises all over the world. Tom was VP of Professional Services and later Vice President of products and engineering at EnterpriseDB. Responsibilities in his past include the management and maintenance of over 300 Postgres 24x7 database clusters. He has overseen the design and delivery of Postgres training solutions as well as the deployment of PostgreSQL at both Fortune 500 financial institutions and at military facilities all over the world. Teams he has managed have delivered major features that have become part of PostgreSQL. He overseen the design and and successful delivery of High Availability products for PostgreSQL and several other databases.

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2ndQuadrant the contributors of logical encoding and logical replication to Postgres, has developed an open source extension called pglogical. This talk will cover the evolution of logical replication through out the history of Postgres and it will also cover the primary use cases of logical replication such as near real time upgrades and change data capture. It will then dive into specific features of pglogical as well as the pglogical roadmap.

2019 March 21 16:20 EDT
50 min
Postgres Conference
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