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Peter Celentano

AWS ProServe

Peter is currently a Consultant at AWS ProServe. He is a sysadmin and PostgreSQL database administrator, specializing in DevOps and monitoring solutions.

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Regardless of where they're hosted, knowing what your database is doing at all times is a necessary component in a solid infrastructure. Grafana and TimescaldDB form the foundation of a monitoring stack which can be built and scaled to monitor nearly any production environment. While solutions such as Zabbix and Nagios allow for similar solutions, they are often cumbersome to navigate, need constant attention to tuning, and inflexible when the need arises to add monitoring queries. Other web-based monitoring platforms can offer features similar to Grafana, but often arn't an option if external feeds are not allowed to be created. Grafana/TimescaleDB allows for the easy addition of monitoring queries and quick access to historical monitoring data, without the bloat of existing industry-standard solutions. Monitor your database infrastructure with Grafana/TimescaleDB, an open-source monitoring stack.

2019 March 20 14:00 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom West
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration