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Karthik received his BS and MS in CS from IIT-M and UT Austin. Karthik was one of the original database engineers at Facebook responsible for building distributed databases such as Cassandra and HBase. He is an Apache HBase committer, and also an early contributor to Cassandra, before it was open-sourced by Facebook. He is now a Co-Founder & the CTO at YugaByte, the company behind the open source YugaByte DB project that is bringing together NoSQL and SQL in a single globally distributed database.


Mihnea Iancu

YugaByte Inc
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Building applications on PostgreSQL that require automatic data sharding and replication, ability to scale out with fault tolerance and geographic data distribution is hard. In this talk, we will look at how to achieve this using YugaByte DB, a distributed database that is a storage engine for PostgreSQL while simultaneously being fully wire-compatible with NoSQL APIs (Apache Cassandra and Redis). We will look at the following:

  • The design and architecture of YugaByte DB
  • The approaches to scaling out system tables and user tables
  • How DDL and DML queries are handled
  • How it reuses the PostgreSQL codebase to achieve full API compatibility

We will also take a look at how to build applications requiring geographic distribution of data and how to run them in cloud-native environments (for example, Kubernetes, hybrid or multi-cloud deployments).

2019 March 21 13:00 EDT
50 min
Postgres Conference