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Keaton adams

Keaton Adams

Pivotal Software

I am an Advisory Data Engineer with Pivotal. Over the past four years, I have had the opportunity to help architect, implement and tune Greenplum systems for several customers across the country. Prior to joining Pivotal, I served as a Principal Data Architect and Database Administrator with McAfee, where I used both PostgreSQL and Greenplum to architect, build and maintain large-scale database systems to support a global SaaS Email and Web filtering application stack used by thousands of McAfee customers worldwide. I have over twenty years of industry experience, complimented by a Master of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Business Intelligence from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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Welcome to Greenplum Summit 2019! We are excited to come together once again to share insights and updates on the latest advances to the world's leading fully-featured, multi-cloud, open-source, Postgres-based, Massively Parallel Advanced Analytical database. In the presentations and technical deep-dives that are in the lineup for this year's Summit, you will discover just how far Greenplum has progressed in the areas of integrated analytics, system configuration and monitoring, and ease of deployment, along with advances in industry-leading performance—all delivered by an energetic team focused on open-source innovation.

This session gives an overview of Pivotal Greenplum, a platform engineered to analyze data at speed and scale, providing the flexibility customers require for the integration of a wide variety of data sets, protecting and isolating workloads with the latest available container technology, with the ability to perform advanced analytics using integrated tools such as MADlib, GPText, and PostGIS, along with a host of well-known procedural languages. All of this is accomplished through familiar tools and features that a Postgres architect, administrator, and end user will quickly adopt in order to bring powerful analytics and insights to the organization that they serve.

2019 March 19 09:00 EDT
20 min
Postgres Conference
Greenplum Summit