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Hannu Valtonen is the maintainer of the PostgreSQL extension pgmemcache, replication/failover monitor pglookout and the PostgreSQL backup daemon PGHoard. For the last decade his day job's have revolved around developing very large scale distributed systems.

In 2010 he co-founded the boutique software consulting firm Ohmu Ltd and since 2015 he's been actively working on next generation cloud database services at Aiven. (

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As data amounts have grown, the requirements for backup software have changed greatly over time.

As your cloud VM is not your father's personal computer neither are these modern PostgreSQL backup daemons the same as your forefathers backup tools.

In this presentation I'll go through some of the current crop of popular cloud enabled PostgreSQL backup daemons to see how they've evolved to fit the new requirements that have come with the changes in operational models.

I will be showcasing some of the different features and functionality that the different backup daemons bring to the table like their ability to compress and encrypt data while making sure the data's integrity is not lost.

Growth in data volumes has also forced people to keep an eye on backup and restoration performance and so we'll be taking a look at how the different backup solutions perform.

2019 March 21 13:00 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom East
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration