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Hein Kruger

Quant Solutions

Hein Kruger is a Jnr.Developer at Goodx Software, a South African based software company that operates in the Medical Sector.

Most of his work day he sits in front of a query window , Wrestling to ensure that Data integrity is maintained.

He is Passionate About Everything Computer related software and hardware included, and firmly believes that computers is a recourse we should use to improve our future.

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This is a Quick introduction to the use of CTE's . I will touch on the benefits but mostly its just some practical uses of the CTE structure as well as the use of recursive CTE's.

  1. What is a Common Table Expression
  2. Basic Syntax
  3. Basic Example
  4. Comparing a CTE with a Nested Query
  5. Selecting from a CTE
  6. Using an Update in a CTE
  7. Using a Delete in a CTE
  8. Using a Insert in a CTE
  9. Recursive CTE’s Basic Syntax
  10. Quick practical example of a recursive CTE
  11. Q&A

2019 March 22 13:30 EDT
20 min
Riverside Suite
Postgres Conference
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