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Software engineer and PostgreSQL user with responsibility of delivering high quality software that solves real-life problems. 10+ years of experience in IT working with Java and SQL datastores.

Expert Software Developer in TomTom since 2012. Focusing on the area of database tuning and creating scalable software.

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Every production system needs monitoring. Things get interesting when there are hundreds of PostgreSQL instances with automated cloud deployments. There are multiple solutions for collecting PostgreSQL metrics. Grafana is a popular choice for visualization and analytics of time series data. Prometheus is a convenient tool to collect and store metrics of multiple PostgreSQL instances. Alertmanager can be integrated to handle and distribute notification when defined alerts based on real-time metrics are triggered.

This talk will be about components, architecture, concepts and best practices. Michał and Rafał have been working with the duo in the large scale map-making system in TomTom since 2016 and would like to share their experience.

2019 March 20 15:00 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom West
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration