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  • Avinash Vallarapu (Avi) is currently working for Percona as a PostgreSQL Support Tech Lead. Before joining Percona, he worked for OpenSCG for 2.2 years as a Database Architect and for Dell as a Tech Lead for 9.8 Years. He has a vast experience in technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. He is an avid Python and Golang developer. He has co-authored a book on PostgreSQL : Beginning PostgreSQL on Cloud and another book on PostgreSQL is in progress.

  • He spoke at various PostgreSQL Conferences in the past including -

    • PGCONF India - 2017/2019
    • PGCON Ottawa 2018
    • Percona Live Frankfurt 2018
    • Postgres Conference New York 2019
    • Percona Live Texas 2019
    • Postgres Open Florida 2019
    • Postgres Conference Silicon Valley 2019
    • Percona Live Amsterdam 2019
    • Upcoming PGCONF India 2020, New York, Percona Live and some more conferences.
  • His areas of expertise are PostgreSQL Training, Consulting and Migrations.

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  • PostgreSQL implements MVCC in a slightly different way when compared to databases like Oracle, MySQL and others. In PostgreSQL, there is a different method for managing UNDO that requires a cleanup concept called vacuum. Over a period of time, PostgreSQL implemented autovacuum that has been enhanced with every release. It is now important for PostgreSQL admins/DevOPS to understand the internals of autovacuum and the MVCC implementation and avoid how to avoid a transaction wraparound in PostgreSQL.

  • Following topics will be discussed during this talk.

    • 1. MVCC in PostgreSQL.
    • 2. Vacuum and Autovacuum Internals.
    • 3. Parameters to manage and tune autovacuum.
    • 4. Problems in a busy OLTP database with untuned autovacuum settings and the best way of doing it.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration