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Postgres Conference 2020 is the largest gathering about People, Postgres, Data! A professional, inclusive and diverse global event with a truly international community, we bring together a best-in-talent combination of speakers, attendees, and sponsors to build opportunities for the global Postgres ecosystem.

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Bruce Momjian

Senior Database Architect

Oleg Bartunov

Postgres Professional
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Alvaro Hernandez


Leo Hsu

Paragon Corporation
Vice President

Regina Obe

Paragon Corporation

Avinash Vallarapu

PostgreSQL Tech Lead
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Mara Lemagie

Lead Data Engineer
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Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Braviant Holdings
Associate Director of DB
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Leanne Baldwin

Data Engineer
Sangwook kim

Sangwook Kim


Byeonghun Hyeon


Filip Rembiałkowski

Command Prompt, Inc.

Mike Fowler

Principal Data Engineer

Celia Zhang

Software Engineer

Ekaterina Dontsova

Software Engineer
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Rafia Sabih

Zalando SE
Software Engineer

Rebecca Bilbro

Chief Data Scientist

Janet Whiteman


Conference Highlights

Mar 27 PostgreSQL performance from the ground up

Are you facing performance problems? Well, if you do this is the perfect training class for you. You will be guided through PostgreSQL performance from the ground up and learn how to optimize your PostgreSQL database to achieve maximum performance under all circumstances. We will also point you to the most common bottlenecks and provide easy solutions to those problems.

Mar 27 postgresql.conf A-Z

We will take a full day trip to explore the postgresql.conf and explain all the interesting machinery behind those knobs - especially the additions in version 12.

Mar 26 Introduction to PostgreSQL and Kubernetes

Discover the new way of thinking about applications, IT processes, and systems in general using Kubernetes – the open source container orchestration platform. Join Simon Riggs, CEO of 2ndQuadrant, to receive an introduction to the platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts. Starting with basics on Docker, the training course walks through the main concepts of using Kubernetes to deploy stateless applications on PostgreSQL...

Mar 25 Alternative data where it’s needed the most. Use case: Satellite Imagery - North Africa.

Economic development research heavily relies on limited, expensive and sometimes “doubtful” survey data. Using free and readily available satellite imagery to empower economic development research is one solution to the problem. This talk will highlight some of those benefits and walk through a step-by-step technical example using open source tools. *source: national oceanic and atmospheric administration Economists around the world often rely on limited survey data to...

Mar 26 Getting Stuff done with PostGIS and pgRouting

This training will teach you how to use PostGIS related extensions to answer questions about WHERE and HOW TO GET THERE with data. The main focus will be on the postgis and pgrouting extensions as well as tools for loading spatial data. We will also cover techniques for getting the most performance out of your spatial and routing queries. Though most queries will also work on lower versions, we will be using PostgreSQL 12, PostGIS 3 , and pgRouting 3. We will highlight functions/spatial...

Mar 24 Postgres Talent Exchange

Career fair, Talent exchange, Speed Mentoring etc...

Mar 24 PostgreSQL 13: The encrypted data platform for Regulated Industry

Join PostgreSQL Core Member and Committer, Bruce Momjian in exploring the current community efforts to bring a new standard of data privacy to PostgreSQL users. In this presentation we will talk about the status of current efforts, the expectations for the upcoming release of PostgreSQL 13 and future plans. We will also touch briefly on current security trends and where PostgreSQL needs to expand its efforts or where PostgreSQL already leads the industry.

Mar 27 The Ultimate Postgres Optimization: Going Beyond Docs and Textbooks

Abstract: Is it possible to teach somebody to optimize? Or is optimization a sort of magic, available only for the limited circle of wizards? We believe that it is entirely possible to become an optimization wizard, and we are going to prove it in the course of this training. We will provide the participants with the opportunity to look at the process of query writing “as a database engine”, and will teach them “how to think, as a database engine”. The topics which will be covered...

Mar 23 Setting up PostgreSQL for Production in AWS

In this tutorial we will be combining an extended deep dive on Amazon Relational Database Service along with a hands on lab using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. As part of the deep dive we will cover the unique features of Amazon RDS for improved availability and durability. In addition, you will get hands on experience creating an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL for high availability and read scaling as well as point in time recovery for your instance. We will also walk through failover, promotion and...

Mar 23 Aurora PostgreSQL Operational Best Practices - Workshop

In this session, we will highlight the operational best practices for running your Aurora clusters optimally and cost-effectively. You’ll also explore the latest features Aurora PostgreSQL has added for performance, operational management and security with hands-on labs. You’ll deploy a CloudFormation template that launches an Aurora cluster in a VPC and will configure and test new features such as Query plan management and CCM. Requirements: Please bring your laptop to get hands-on...

Mar 25 Deep dive on Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility

Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility is a relational database service that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases. In this session, we review the functionality in order to understand the architectural differences that contribute to improved scalability, availability, and durability. You'll also get a deep dive into the capabilities of the service and a review of the latest available...

Mar 25 Will partitioning and sharding improve performance?

What is the best solution to join 2 very big tables (>1TB) with billion rows and hundreds of columns with the help of distribution and partitioning? We have analysed different distribution and partition methods to achieve the best performance for a crossmatch, that is, identifying different rows from 2 tables (star catalogues) referring to the same star. Crossmatching helps scientists around the world to understand better our universe identifying objects observed by different space missions.

Mar 27 Working with spatial data in PostGIS

Kartoza is a South African company with a global footprint. We specialise in geospatial solutions with FOSS, which means we use PostGIS a lot. We also present courses on PostGIS. This workshop is a condensed version of what we normally do in two or three days. You will get hands-on experience with loading spatial data, understanding geometries and using spatial data in analysis. In the process you will learn all about spatial SQL and also how to use a desktop GIS (QGIS) to interact with the...

Mar 26 Exploring Common Table Expressions and Window Functions

Developers are often challenged to deliver results that are hard to implement using simple SQL queries. Fortunately, complex SQL capabilities exist in the SQL standard --- common table expressions and window functions. SQL is a declarative language, meaning the user submits an SQL command and the database determines the optimal execution. Common Table Expressions (CTEs) allow queries to be more imperative, allowing looping and processing hierarchical structures that are normally...

Mar 24 Differentially Private SQL

Differential privacy (DP) provides formal guarantees that the output of a database query does not reveal too much information about any individual present in the database. While many differentially private algorithms have been proposed in the scientific literature, there are only a few end-to-end implementations of differentially private query engines. Crucially, existing systems assume that each individual is associated with at most one database record, which is unrealistic in...

Mar 24 Running postgres on kubernetes

Learn the ins and outs of running highly available Postrges on kubernetes for production. We will use Amazon EKS for orchestrating our kubernetes cluster.

Mar 24 Being An Effective Tech Leader

As technology grows and evolves, it’s critical to have the best tech staff, yet not every business founder, project manager, or sales director has a tech background. How do you manage a team of developers, products and services when you don’t have tech experience? We'll explore this as well as - How do you bridge the knowledge gap between your technical team and your non-technical founders, project and product managers, and sales and marketing staff? - - How can you communicate...

Mar 27 Always-On with Postgres BDR (Deploying with Multi-Master)

This course will present the Postgres-BDR Always-On architecture. It will do an in depth review of logical replication and high availability concepts. How to achieve maximum availability through a Postgres Multi-Master architecture will presented. Specific topics that will be covered: 1) How to achieve zero down time upgrades. 2) How to quickly (under a second) failover. 3) How to failover between data data centers. 4) How to have a zero impact on your deployment as a result of...


2020 has the most awesome program ever!
See rock-star speakers cover the topics of

Ops and Administration

PostgreSQL performance from the ground up by Hans-Jürgen Schönig

postgresql.conf A-Z by Filip Rembiałkowski

Introduction to PostgreSQL and Kubernetes by Simon Riggs

High Availability and Automatic Failover in PostgreSQL. by Avinash Vallarapu

Prometheus & PostgreSQL: How and why to use PostgreSQL as long-term storage for metrics by Avthar Sewrathan

Make Your PostgreSQL 10x Faster on Cloud in Minutes by Sangwook Kim

pgagroal by Jesper Pedersen

PostgreSQL Extensions: A Deeper Look by Jignesh Shah

PostgreSQL Replication by Asif Rehman

Authentication & Authorization with Multi-User Connection Pooling for Large-scale Postgres Deployments by Erik Brandsberg

Data Security in PostgreSQL - Deep Dive by Abbas Butt

PostgreSQL TDE: Fully encrypted PostgreSQL by Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Logical Replication lessons learned for the Data Warehouse by Pat Wright

Upgrading a PostgreSQL database from a legacy to newer version with no downtime. by Avinash Vallarapu

Running postgres on kubernetes by manish muttreja

Bring Compression to Postgres at Zero Cost of Performance by Tong Zhang

Performance Impact of Idle PostgreSQL Connections by Yaser Raja

A detailed understanding of MVCC and Autovacuum Internals in PostgreSQL. by Avinash Vallarapu

Mostly mistaken and ignored PostgreSQL parameters while optimizing a PostgreSQL database by Avinash Vallarapu

Monitoring & Diagnostics of PostgreSQL by Mahadevan Ramachandran

Scalable Replication For Postgres by Marc Linster

Backup PostgreSQL with Barman by Andrew Dunstan

Scheduled PostgreSQL jobs with AWS Batch by Peter Celentano

Improve Write-Master and Read Replica scale, safely without application changes by Roland Lee

Improve Postgres Transaction/Second with a Database Proxy, no code changes required by Erik Brandsberg

Zero to Hero: Managing Postgres through DevOps by Ajay Patel

Postgres for the SQL Server DBA by Pat Wright

Use Docker, Go, Rest and some more to build a PostgreSQL multi cloud self service by Heiko Onnebrink

MVCC and Tuple Freezing through Pictures. by Tom Kincaid

Always-On with Postgres BDR (Deploying with Multi-Master) by Tom Kincaid

PostgreSQL HA with Pgpool-II and whats been happening in Pgpool-II lately.... by Muhammad Usama

Wait! What's going on inside my database? Understanding PostgreSQL wait events by Jeremy Schneider

Backups, Upgrades, and Inventing a New Way to Move Data Faster by Jeremy Schneider

DevOps On ACID by Robert Treat

Upgrade Techniques Through the Ages by Shaun Thomas

Working with JSON Data in PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB by dharshan rangegowda

StackGres: Cloud-Native PostgreSQL on Kubernetes by Alvaro Hernandez

Turning PostgreSQL into a Cloud Native Data Service by Julian Fischer

How to access your cloud PostgreSQL servers from highly secured corporate environment. by Tatiana Krupenya

The future of Postgres in a multi-cloud world by Marc Linster

From SQL Server DBA to Postgres DBA by Victoria McCormick

Monitor Postgres for performance by Ajay Patel

Tune your Linux Box, not just PostgreSQL by Ibrar Ahmed

Active Session History In PostgreSQL: Why?, How? and use cases by Bertrand Drouvot

Interesting 25 new features in PostgreSQL 12 by Jobin Augustine


OLTP Workload Acceleration with Memory Optimized Tables on PostgreSQL by Liran Mishali

The Ultimate Postgres Optimization: Going Beyond Docs and Textbooks by Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Life without ORM: is it possible and how we can get there by Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Exploring Common Table Expressions and Window Functions by Bruce Momjian

Debugging with PostgreSQL by John Ashmead

Workshop to use Postgres and ArcGIS for beginners by Chaula Jain

B-tree indexes - learn more about the heart of PostgreSQL by Anastasia Lubennikova

Building the Holodeck by Justin Reock

Open Source Applied by Justin Reock

Tired of Impedence Mismatch? Meet Quill! by Alexander Ioffe

A Deep Dive into PostgreSQL Indexing by Ibrar Ahmed

Scaling AWS Redshift Concurrency With PostgreSQL by Will Liu

Building JSON from Relational Data by Jeremy Smith

The Art of Logical Replication by Kuntal Ghosh

Using benchmarks and profiles to optimize CockroachDB's execution engine by Rafi Shamim

Blockchain as a Database by Abdullah Uz Tansel

The anatomy of FTS engine in PostgreSQL. by Oleg Bartunov

Enterprise DDL Management by Gavin M. Roy

Customizing PostgreSQL via extensions by Rafia Sabih

Deeper Understanding of PostgreSQL Execution Plan : At plan time and run time by Jobin Augustine

Run Postgres Natively on Kubernetes by Marc Linster

Was Just About Time for JIT in PostgreSQL in v11 by Hamid Akhtar

MobilityDB: Managing Spatiotemporal Data in PostgreSQL by Mahmoud SAKR

Advanced compression in TimescaleDB with hybrid row/columnar storage by Michael Freedman

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