Conference Highlights

May 22 Rajan Palanivel

Using Postgres in a Multi-Tenant SaaS - Securing Everyone’s Data

The popularity of PostgreSQL makes it the prime candidate to be the database for a multi-tenant SaaS. But with multi-tenancy there are two fundamental issues: How do you make sure that the tenant has control over their data in a third party SaaS environment? How do you make sure that the tenant’s data is isolated from each other so that a tenant’s data doesn’t get exposed to other tenants? Letting a tenant see another tenant’s data would be considered a data breach. Logical databases...

Jun 12 Greg Dostatni

Advanced Strategies for PostgreSQL Lock Management

Effective lock management is important for any database’s performance and stability. This presentation offers an exploration of some pitfalls and solutions to the Lock Manager challenges related to large, high performance environments. We begin by examining how table inheritance can multiply the number of locks, and how that can affect performance when dealing with more than 10,000 locks. We will present quick way of converting inheritance based partition into native partitioning scheme....

Jun 25 Luigi Nardi

NYC Postgres Meetup Livestream: Postgres Automation and Hyperscaling

Join us at the Materialize offices for an engaging dialogue with Luigi Nardi of DBtune about automating your PostgreSQL database. When automating and scaling your database, there are various approaches with their own unique benefits and risks. After automation, what outcomes can you anticipate for your database? Parameter tuning in PostgreSQL databases is necessary yet complex. Engineers frequently opt for default settings in PostgreSQL rather than risk performance issues in their...