Conference Highlights

Jun 25 Luigi Nardi

NYC Postgres Meetup Livestream: Postgres Automation and Hyperscaling

Join us at the Materialize offices for an engaging dialogue with Luigi Nardi of DBtune about automating your PostgreSQL database. When automating and scaling your database, there are various approaches with their own unique benefits and risks. After automation, what outcomes can you anticipate for your database? Parameter tuning in PostgreSQL databases is necessary yet complex. Engineers frequently opt for default settings in PostgreSQL rather than risk performance issues in their...

Jun 26 Randall Rhea

Build Gen AI Apps on PostgreSQL that Run Anywhere

Join Google Cloud for a deep dive into AlloyDB Omni, the downloadable edition of AlloyDB. Get the best of both worlds: the familiarity of open source PostgreSQL with enterprise capabilities like superior performance, integrated analytics and gen AI, and full support from Google Cloud. In this interactive session, you'll learn how to: Use AlloyDB Omni to migrate legacy databases to any location—whether on-premises or in any cloud Optimize your PostgreSQL deployments for performance...

Jul 10 Dave Stokes

Learning PostgreSQL

Learning PostgreSQL and/or SQL can take time and effort. This webinar showcases an option that does not require installation or access to a PG server. provides access to a PG server through a web browser, has established exercises, and has an outstanding user interface. It is easy to work through the exercises, and the website provides detailed explanations of the answers if you get stuck. This webinar will complete the first five basic exercises, detailing the steps and...