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Erik Brandsberg

Heimdall Data, Inc.

Erik Brandsberg is CTO at Heimdall Data. He specializes in application-networking technologies for web and backend data. Whether it's coding, testing or installing, he has been involved. His diverse experience at Alteon, Citrix, and Juniper Networks gave him a solid understanding of operational complexities in a modern infrastructure, which led to the founding of Heimdall Data.

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Most Postgres deployments support a limited number of users to the database. Users are typically managed manually by the DBA. In this session, we will explore how database proxies manage users at high scale quickly and easily: We will cover:

Full Authentication/Authorization/Auditing (aka AAA) over database access: - Authentication of the user via Active Directory/LDAP - Group extraction and role synchronization from LDAP into Postgres

Logging of queries - True multi-user connection pooling, with both per-user and global connection limits, to manage the number of active connections on Postgres. - Multiplexing to allow large connection counts on the front-side, with only a minimum required a number of connections on the back-side. - Scripted off-DB triggers to provided enhanced monitoring or automated management of systems.

We will also review a real-world customer use-case and live demo.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration