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Anastasia Lubennikova

Postgres Professional

Anastasia received her B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Information Science from NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia. Anastasia has 5 years of experience as a system software developer and speaker. She also worked as a teacher and project manager in a database systems domain. As a PostgreSQL contributor, Anastasia focuses on optimizing indexing, storage, and backup solutions. She enjoys working with both open source community and enterprise projects, as they provide different perspectives on the same product.

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B-tree index is the most common index type. Most if not all of the modern DBMS use it. The data structure and concerned algorithms are really mature, there are about 40 years of development. And PostgreSQL's B-tree is not an exception. It's full of complicated optimizations of performance, concurrency and so on. But there're still many ways to improve it.

This talk gives you a deep dive into B-tree indexes. It covers several recent features of PostgreSQL B-tree which are already released as well as the upcoming improvements. It demonstrates use cases and shows the limitations to help you use indexes in the most efficient way.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020