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Peter Celentano

AWS - Solutions Architect

Peter Celentano is a Senor Specialist Solutions Architect, specalizing in RDS PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL. He works with AWS customers to design scalable, secure, performant, and robust database architectures on the cloud.

Yaser Raja is a Senior Consultant with Professional Services team at Amazon Web Services. He works with customers to build scalable, highly available and secure solutions in AWS cloud. His focus area is homogenous and heterogeneous migrations of on-premise databases to AWS RDS and Aurora PostgreSQL.

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In the PostgreSQL ecosystem, we've been waiting for true bi-directonal replication for some time. While we've been promised this feature for some time, it's still not available in PostgreSQL core. There are several solutions that can provide us with this much sought-after feature, but the one we'll be talking about today is PGlogical.

PGlogical is better know in the community as one of the contributes to PG10's core logical replication. That said, we can use PGlogical to implement various forms of bi-directional replication with relative ease. In this talk, we'll explore the usage of PGlogical for bi-directional replication between two database instances. There will be a demo walking through a basic implementation of this strategy, and in addition, discussion of when this style of bi-directional replication might be appropriate.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration