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Mara Lemagie


Mara is fueled by helping people discover the value of well-organized and efficient queries. As the lead data engineer at Bazean, she helps scale data systems for energy investing. She has worked in a variety of data management roles for over 10 years, including helping start ups establish their inventory management systems and working with non-profit groups to measure and promote their successes.

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SQL has remained relevant across multiple decades, yet relative to the standard software engineer I to III career path, the routes taken by database professionals are often described as non-traditional. In this panel we will address the imposter syndrome that is a particular risk in this type of space. Also come for insights from top hiring managers and seasoned professionals regarding which skills they believe are the most relevant to develop for individuals at all points in their careers. How can companies best recruit, hire, train, cultivate, and support junior database professionals? What do the different career opportunities and job titles mean? What is the difference between a data engineer and a data analyst? What are the skills most likely to be relevant tomorrow? What do “traditional” paths to becoming a dba look like? A takeaway from this panel should be that everyone belongs regardless of their career path.

Note: Panelists/moderators have not been set, but very flexible on recommendations, and I am happy to reach out, and won’t be shy about doing so. If there is a desired deadline for finalizing, let me know and I can accommodate.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Professional Development, Life and Leadership