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Rafia Sabih

Zalando SE

Another Postgresql enthusiast. Particularly interested in areas of databases on cloud, optimizing databases for scale, and query optimization. Currently employed at Zalando SE, Berlin.

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Are you an avid user and admirer of PostgreSQL? But, you totally miss having this one little feature? Chances are you can develop it yourself in no time using extension infrastructure provided by Postgresql. Among many interesting capabilities, extensibility is another jewel Postgresql adorns itself with. Be it your specific monitoring requirement or you require a new data-type or index, all can be accomplished easily by creating an extension for the same. And no, you do not have to understand or touch any Postgresql code for this and neither wait for its release cycle and/or approval from committers.

This talk will take you through the journey of developing extensions right from the very beginning. We will start with the introduction of Postgresql hooks, which provides a mechanism to interrupt routines like client authentication, query execution or planning, etc. to inject your desired capabilities. Next we will talk about the PGXS module which eases the overall process of extension building and helps in its seamless integration. We will demystify this process of extension writing using some interesting extensions already available in contrib module.

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020