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Jeremy Schneider

Amazon Web Services

Jeremy Schneider is a Database Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Bringing his background with large-scale data processing and enterprise relational databases to the table, he works largely with PostgreSQL engines at AWS: Amazon RDS PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. He deeply enjoys collaborating with AWS customers and back-end engineers to architect and operate applications that are fast and reliable while meeting business requirements such as integration, compliance and security.

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Reliable backups and major upgrades are one of the most important responsibilities of anyone who stores data, regardless of the technologies or platforms used. Join us for a deep dive on how PostgreSQL solves these problems. Then, after a discussion of backups and upgrades, learn how these concepts were combined to invent a new way to move data between PostgreSQL databases faster than ever before. We will take an in-depth, internal look at how this new process works.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration