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Software engineer and PostgreSQL user with responsibility of delivering high quality software that solves real-life problems. 10+ years of experience in IT working with Java and SQL datastores.

Expert Software Developer in TomTom since 2012. Focusing on the area of database tuning and creating scalable software.

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Co-speaker: Rafal Hawrylak

Maps are key ingredient of location services. TomTom has built its map-making system with trust in Postgres and it features like: ACID compliance, well known reliability and high performance. Streaming replication allows scalability and thanks to open source licence you can host a Postgres database anywhere: on your laptop, in local data-center or in the public clouds.

Configuration tuning and monitoring are important aspects of every production system, so we will share how we found efficient hardware setups and keep terrabytes of data online.

Most of our strategies are generally applicable. However, some are specific to our deployment. Regardless, we hope that information will be useful to anyone planning or currently working with large datasets in PostgreSQL.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Case Studies