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Colleen is a Product Manager for IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services, including IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS. She has a degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston. She works to solve client problems through utilizing secure public cloud services built on IBM LinuxONE technology - providing the highest level of security for sensitive data and mission critical workloads in the cloud.

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IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Database-as-a-Service offering is the next evolution of databases in a scalable and security-rich cloud environment. It allows you to retain your data in a fully-encrypted PostgreSQL database without the need for specialized skills. Hyper Protect DBaaS provides complete data confidentiality through built-in workload isolation and tamper protection from privileged user access. This allows data owners to move sensitive data to cloud with the assurance of complete data confidentiality. It enables application developers to easily provision secure data stores without having specialized DBA skills and allows massive vertical scaling in a 3 node HA cluster. 

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Regulated Industry