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Bertrand Drouvot

Amazon Web Services

Bertrand is an IT professional since about 20 years mainly focusing on databases and data. He currently works for Amazon Web Services (as a Database Engineer). He is an OakTable member, has been active in the Oracle community since 2012 and is a regular speaker in Europe conferences. He is currently having a lot of interest around open source and mainly PostgreSQL.

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Do you want to migrate all or part of your oracle databases to PostgreSQL? How doable, difficult would it be? In this session you'll see how it is possible to prepare a mass databases migrations to PostgreSQL at scale. The complexity study will be done using free softwares (Ora2Pg, Schema Conversion Tool) and part of the AWS offering (cloudformation, autoscaling group, simple queue service, S3, Glue, Athena). The assessments produce a static website with dashboards that help you categorize the databases migrations by complexity, man power, and applications. The framework is fully automated so that you can easily and quickly get a full picture for your current environment. Once the assessments are done, we'll also focus on the tools at our disposal to do the migrations: objects, code and the data. This session will be a live demo: you'll see how easy it is to realize this kind of assessments at scale leveraging free softwares and part of the AWS cloud offering. you'll see how you could migrate databases to PostgreSQL.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020