Presented by:


Ajay Patel


My Name is Ajay Patel and I am Postgres Database Consultant and Delivery Manager at EnterpriseDB. With 13+ years of industry experience, I have worked on Oracle, MySQL,Teradata.

Resources/Contribution : 1. Presenter and active member on Postgres User Group Boston. 2. Have done multiple Webinar's on Postgres cloud deployment and monitoring Postgres. 3. Personal Postgres blogs and articles: 4. Linked in Profile: 5. Active contributor on Postgres blogs on EnterpriseDB blogs.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Postgres is really easy and simple to install and use on various platforms cloud or on-premises. Monitoring is a key element of the Database eco-system and to the overall database performance. It also helps to ensure Database is healthy and contributes towards long term stability.

Monitoring sounds really easy but it becomes tricky on what to monitor and how to monitor?

On this session we are going to talk about:

  1. Why is it important to monitor Postgres?
  2. What are the proactive monitoring and reactive monitoring approaches, and how do they help in handling future problems?
  3. Top 10 monitoring points.
  4. When not to monitor?
  5. Deep dive into Open Source tools for monitoring.
  6. Deployment categories & Check list

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration