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Pat Wright

Utah Geek Events

Pat Wright has been a DBA for the past 15+ years and working in the Big Data space with Hadoop/Elastic search for the past 3 years. Pat has been working on Postgres for the last 2 years and runs the local postgres users group. Pat has been a SQL Server MVP, PASS Board of director and organizer of several users groups.

Pat has a night job running Utah Geek Events(501c(3)). Which helps to run events for the community. Utah Geek Events partners with Utah SQL Saturday, Sharepoint Saturday, Utah game jam and many other conferences and user groups.

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Postgres is an amazing product and many people are quickly adopting it. This also means that many DBA’s are coming from different technical disciplines. Sometimes from Oracle, SQL Server or Mysql. Learning the tools and the differences between the systems can be daunting for some. I’ll go through the differences in the tools, administration and some of the internals between SQL Server and postgresql. This session is perfect for any SQL Server DBA that finds themselves working on a Postgres Database.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration