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Peter Celentano

AWS - Solutions Architect

Peter Celentano is a Senor Specialist Solutions Architect, specalizing in RDS PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL. He works with AWS customers to design scalable, secure, performant, and robust database architectures on the cloud.

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Since before PostgreSQL existed, CRON has been the standard daemon for scheduling nearly any task in the Linux ecosystem. With the rise of cloud computing and managed database instances, job scheduling has gotten slightly more complicated then running a simple PSQL script on our database server, and connecting through a Unix socket. While the simplest methods of running scheduled database jobs are a less viable option, we have a variety of options to keep our scheduled jobs running on-time.

Let's dive into one such replacement for CRON, AWS Batch. We'll be going over some best practices with AWS Batch, exploring automation around AWS Batch which might make life easier, and reviewing it's usage as a job scheduler for PostgreSQL.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration