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Pat Wright

Utah Geek Events

Pat Wright has been a DBA for the past 15+ years and working in the Big Data space with Hadoop/Elastic search for the past 3 years. Pat has been working on Postgres for the last 2 years and runs the local postgres users group. Pat has been a SQL Server MVP, PASS Board of director and organizer of several users groups.

Pat has a night job running Utah Geek Events(501c(3)). Which helps to run events for the community. Utah Geek Events partners with Utah SQL Saturday, Sharepoint Saturday, Utah game jam and many other conferences and user groups.

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Let’s be serious, I understand 99% of the audience for a technical conference are introverted. I’m not here to disagree with that I’m here to talk about the introvert inside of me and how I quiet it just enough to truly improve my life. We will discuss why the idea of speaking and community involvement are important to you. If you think all you need is technical skills in this market then please join me in the session so you can see why you need so much more than that. The postgres community is growing very quickly and you can capitalize on this right now. We will go in depth on the key things you need to be successful in talking and presenting to others. The audience for this presentation is anyone that would like to be an expert in the industry and would like to worry less about future employment opportunities.

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Professional Development, Life and Leadership