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  • Avinash Vallarapu (Avi) is currently working for Percona as a PostgreSQL Support Tech Lead. Before joining Percona, he worked for OpenSCG for 2.2 years as a Database Architect and for Dell as a Tech Lead for 9.8 Years. He has a vast experience in technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. He is an avid Python and Golang developer. He has co-authored a book on PostgreSQL : Beginning PostgreSQL on Cloud and another book on PostgreSQL is in progress.

  • He spoke at various PostgreSQL Conferences in the past including -

    • PGCONF India - 2017/2019
    • PGCON Ottawa 2018
    • Percona Live Frankfurt 2018
    • Postgres Conference New York 2019
    • Percona Live Texas 2019
    • Postgres Open Florida 2019
    • Postgres Conference Silicon Valley 2019
    • Percona Live Amsterdam 2019
    • Upcoming PGCONF India 2020, New York, Percona Live and some more conferences.
  • His areas of expertise are PostgreSQL Training, Consulting and Migrations.

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  • It is very important to know a fact that PostgreSQL community does not support bug fixes and security fixes for older PostgreSQL versions. Currently, community only supports PostgreSQL versions starting from 9.4. So, if your database server is on 9.3 or older, you would see no bug fixes or security patches. Several benchmarks proves that the performance of a PostgreSQL database increases with each version upgrade. Maintenance activities like autovacuum, Optimizer enhancements, new features like parallel query, declarative partitioning, etc. are implemented in the latest versions. Each new version includes a list of several features to improve the experience of working with PostgreSQL. So, it is recommended to have PostgreSQL upgraded to the latest release always. This talk is focussed towards demonstration of the 3 methods using which a PostgreSQL server can be upgraded from any version >= 8.3 to a latest release, with a seamless downtime.

  • Following topics will be discussed during this talk -

    • 1. pg_upgrade and multiple replication methods such as pglogical and Slony for replication to a newer version.
    • 2. What are the prerequisites you should take before proceeding with an upgrade.
    • 3. HA Solutions and Backup strategy you may use for newer releases.
    • 4. How future upgrades are made easy using Logical Replication and Logical Decoding.

50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration