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David Benoit


David is the Chief Technology Officer at Reach, a global ecommerce accelerator focused on disrupting global payments. David is responsible for the technology development and service delivery that manages online payments in almost every country in the world, and the treasury management that ensures that merchants get as much of that money remitted to them as possible. David has a wealth of experience in regulated and constrained environments such as banking, market data, E911 and more.

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*** This is not yet complete *** I have been working over the past year on a system to completely replace our "traditional" server applications with AWS lambda functions, and we have gotten to the point where we have almost replaced everything.

At the heart of this is postgres. But one of the major issues to solve was how to invoke AWS lambda functions when specific events happened. We have a method, and it works, and we'd like to share.

I have no presentation yet, but I am planning on sharing the early results with the Montreal AWS users group next month. If you are interested in having this be part of PGOpen, I'd gladly flesh it all out and have more details before your schedule is published.

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
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