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Ajay Patel


My Name is Ajay Patel and I am Postgres Database Consultant and Delivery Manager at EnterpriseDB. With 13+ years of industry experience, I have worked on Oracle, MySQL,Teradata.

Resources/Contribution : 1. Presenter and active member on Postgres User Group Boston. 2. Have done multiple Webinar's on Postgres cloud deployment and monitoring Postgres. 3. Personal Postgres blogs and articles: 4. Linked in Profile: 5. Active contributor on Postgres blogs on EnterpriseDB blogs.

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With Devop's motion and powerful automation platforms, organizations are adopting a product-centric approach for Postgres deployment and management. Whether it's Public Cloud, Private Cloud, VM's, containers Infrastructure management as code solve a lot of problems.  It also helps organizations and database administrators to save, effort and cost to make the business successful. With new automation and best practices in place, database operation can focus on performance, tuning and capacity planning to scale the projects much faster.

This session we are going to cover

  1. How DevOps play a key role in the Postgres world.
  2. Open source Devop's tools and brief comparison.
  3. Infrastructure deployment and Configuration management for Postgres.
  4. Top database deployment strategies.
  5. Successful playbook demo to set High scalability, connection pooling, and automatic failover.

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration